Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Denial (CS)

Hello Followers.  Hope your week is off a to a great start.

Not a lot of pseudo-analysis from yours truly on this bright Tuesday morn, but I did want to pass along this not-very-stunning, but nevertheless, important blurb from Sir Vincent last night:

Two other WSU players sat out Monday. Backup middle linebacker Mike Ledgerwood suffered a stinger, had a stiff neck and probably would not play this week. In his absence, Wulff said Chester Su'a will get some reps in the middle as a backup to C.J. Mizell, as would Darren Markle.

So, there you have it, true blue evidence that our extremely not-daunting 4-3 remains squarely in tact.  And for that reason, we can now all officially join our coaching staff in sticking our head in the sand, pretending that winter is not rapidly approaching.

In the meantime, count me in as a guy that will be VERY interested to see if Wulff comes to the Oregon game with a ribbon and bow around his forehead.  Because he certainly seems poised to give Chip Kelly one helluva nice (early) Christmas present:  An uncontested blow-out win before their Washington game next week.

All for now...Go Cougs...

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